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The Town Of Somers Police Benevolent Association

Somers PD

The members Somers Police Department are highly trained and dedicated to the people of Somers. We attend numerous training sessions to keep current with the newest methods and techniques in the police service.


The Town of Somers is over thirty three square miles of beautiful countryside, we respond to calls for assistance in every area and hamlet while on patrol.

Accident Investigation...      Car Crash

During the course of our patrol we respond to many accidents, some are more severe than others but all are handled in a professional manner with accurate reports for the owners of vehicles and property involved.

Criminal Investigation...

As with any police department we turn criminal investigations over to detectives, here in Somers it is the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, however the initial action is the same. We secure the crime scene and begin gathering evidence.

Service of Court Documents...

Many times it is the responsibility of the police to serve court documents especially from Family Court.

Traffic Control...

There are several occasions in Somers that require traffic control for parades, town wide cleanups, storms and occasionally school crossings.

Welfare Checks...

There are occasions when we are asked to check on the welfare of someone, usually by a relative or friend somewhere else that has not been able to contact the person their concerned about. We go to the residence and most of the time find that the person has had phone trouble or been out of town but on occasion we find that the person is sick or injured. In any case we make sure the concerned party is advised.