The Town Of Somers Police Benevolent Association

Somers PD Equipment


Two 2013 Ford Interceptor police cars on the road in Somers. The cars at a cost of $23,000 each are on a three year lease and will be owned at the end of the lease period. The existing ageing fleet range in age from 3 to 12 years. The maintenance coat to maintain the ageing fleet influenced the Town Board to add two new vehicles this year. The 6-cylinder cars are 25% more efficient then the older 8-cylinder Crown Victoria patrol cars. The new vehicles are all wheel drive, an asset during winter months. The new black police cars began patrolling September 12th, 2012.


The Somers PBA donates two units to the Town Police Department.

Life Pack Defibrillator

The Somers PBA donated two defibrillators to the Town Police. These units are taken on partol. All Police Officers are trained in their use and are certified First Responders.

For those who are not familiar with the units, they deliver an electrical shock to the heart when a person has a heart attack known as ventricular fibrillation. The units can restore a normal heart rhythm in many cases and are a welcome addition to the emergency equipment the department already uses.

The members of the department attended a sixty hour training session to become certified as First Responders. Learning to using the defibrillator was part of the course and we are glad to have them. These defibrillators can be the difference between life and death.

SMART Trailer...


SMART Trailer

SMART® trailer is a device manufactured by Kustom Signals Corp. It is a trailer with a speed meter built in that will show motorists how fast they are driving. When it is placed in service it will be used on various streets to inform drivers of their speed to remind then to slow down. The units are in service in several towns and indications are that they do help slow traffic in residential areas.

The unit is towed by one of the police cars to an area. It can be set on any street because it has an internal power supply for the display and other components, it also has a solar panel that can supply power and recharge batteries as needed.


Since being placed in service we have received many comments from residents about the trailer. It seems to be having the desired effect of reducing speed and raising awareness of the dangers that speed brings with it.

In the United States last year over forty thousand people died and over a million were hurt in automobile crashes and an overwhelming majority were speed related.

You are the one that is in control, you can see the speedometer and your foot is on the gas pedal, PLEASE slow down.