The Town Of Somers Police Benevolent Association

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Police Officer Gregory Naranca Retires

Patrolman Gregory Naranca joined the Somers P.D. June 2, 1988 and retired September 12, 2020 after 32+ years of service. Greg also retired from the Village of Cold Springs Police Department. His Police career started with Mount Vernon P.D., and with the Putnam County Sheriff's Department before joining the Somers P.D.

Gregory is currently President of the Somers P.B.A, in that position since April 2007. He is a life member of the PBA. He joined, 2/15/1995.

P.O. Naranca

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Somers Town Police ( a short history )

Town Constables were the first law enforcers in the Town of Somers. In 1965 this evolved into the Somers Part Time Police with Bob Holloway and Larry Herman the first Officers of the new PD. In 1970 Ed Gall joined the Force followed by Graham Leftwich in 1973. These Officers only worked on weekends The New York State Police opened a new Barracks in Somers in 1972 The Town Police grew to a force of 18 Officers, two Sergeants, one Lieutenant and Chief. The Town of Somers has 21,000 residents and covers 33 square miles of territory. The Somers Police Benevolent Association was formed in 1995 and has 29 members to date.

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Somers PD hires first female Police Officer

Kim Maguire was hired and is Somers PD's firsts Police Woman. She graduated from Somers HS '81, and went on to become a Police Officer with the NYPD. She achieved the rank of Lieutenant and retired in 2017. Her brother John also retired from the NYPD and became a Somers Police Officer in 2017. Kim will head up the domestic violence section of the Somers PD. She said she joined the Somers PD because she said, "I like to help people".

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Town Board

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Historical Society

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Some important phone numbers...

Somers Town Supervisor     277-3637
Somers Highway Department    232-4848
Somers Building Inspector    277-3539
Somers Town Clerk    277-3323
Somers Court Clerk    277-8225
Somers Library    232-5717

These are NON EMERGENCY numbers and should be used for information, reporting of incidents and requests for services that are not an emergency in nature.
Somers State Police    277-3651
Somers Town Police    232-9622
Somers Fire Department    248-5604


Town of Somers Emergency Management Information

To become aware of any Somers Emergency plans during local townwide emergencies(severe weather damage, extensive power outage, etc.) residents should have access to portable radios, car radios or similar equipment.

1. For information, listen to radio stations or TV if available. Somers will identify any emergency measures, like road closings, opening of emergency shelters at Firehouses, etc..


WXPK - 107.1 FM
WFAS - 1230 AM
WHUD - 100.7 FM
WMJV - 106.3 FM


Cablevision News 12 - Ch. 12

2. Emergency Shelters may be available at the local Firehouses, designated as needed.


Lincolndale - Rt.139
Amawalk - Rt. 35
Somers - Rt. 202
Granite Springs - Rt. 118

3. For Emergency information call..

Somers Vol. Fire Dept.     914-248-5604
New York State Police     914-277-3651
Somers Town Police       914-232-9622
Somers Highway Dept.     914-232-4848